The National Dance Honors competition is intended to provide a supportive and comfortable environment where dancers can showcase their talents and receive constructive feedback to enhance their skills.


Monday, May 21, 2018 is the deadline for ALL registrations for BOTH Las Vegas and Orlando. Registrations submitted after the deadline will incur full tuition prices. No exceptions.


Payments can be made via check or card 4-weeks prior to the event. The office will begin to process payments no earlier than 4-weeks prior to the event. Event information will not be released until full payment is processed. Payments must be paid in full before the event – no exceptions. If paying by card, please call 866-695-4144. If paying by check, please mail checks to 7334 Whitehall Street, Richland Hills, TX 76118.


Solo Limit: No more than 2 Solo entries per person for the National Solo Competition.


National Dance Honors will not have a pre-qualifying competition. Any routine that did not prequalify at an Adrenaline or Revive regional competition is required to submit both a Regional Fee and National Fee for each prequalifying group routine at National Dance Honors. However, if a studio prequalified 25 or more group routines at an Adrenaline or Revive regional competition, all additional pre-qualifying routine fees will be waived. All Solos and Duo/Trios do NOT need to prequalify for National Dance Honors. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Space is limited.


SPARKS Division Average age: 5-7

MINI Division Average age: 8-10

JUNIOR Division Average age: 11-12

TEEN Division Average age: 13-15

SENIOR Division Average age: 16-19

All ages are as of January, 1st 2018. All dancers must be prepared to present proof of age if requested. If a routine has a dancer who is 20+ as of January 1st, 2018, the routine will be placed in the Adult Division and will be judged for adjudicated awards only.

To determine the average age of an entry, add all the ages together and divide by the total number of dancers in the routine. All averages are to be rounded down to the nearest whole number. For example, if a routine average age is 15.6, you would drop the decimal and the routine would compete in the Teen (13-15) age category.

The average age of each entry may not drop more than one age division below the age of the oldest dancer in the entry, regardless of the actual average age. For example, if an entry contains dancers ranging in age from 7-18, the entry may not compete in a division younger than the Teen (13-15) age category (one division younger than the oldest dancer, 18 years old).

If a routine is placed in the incorrect category (age division, style, etc.), our staff reserves the right to adjust it at any time.

The ages listed above are age guidelines for placement of students. A Studio Director or Teacher may decide to place a particular student by ability at their own discretion. If a Teacher decides to change a student’s level, changes must be made within the first two workshop classes of the convention. Please notify the Registration Desk of a level change to receive a new wristband. Students will be required to pay the difference in tuition fees for level upgrades if applicable. There are no refunds for downgrades. The age level the student participates in class is the age level they must audition.


Entries will be categorized by the genre that most closely represents the movement.

TAP: Routine that consists of Tap technique. Tap shoes only.
JAZZ: Routine that consists of primarily Jazz technique.
CONTEMPORARY: Routine that consists of a combination of Jazz and Lyrical techniques.
LYRICAL: Routine that consists of a combination of Jazz and Ballet techniques incorporating balance, control, and interpretation.
BALLET: Routine that consists of Ballet or Pointe techniques (must include classical steps and movement).
HIP HOP: Routine that consists of stylistic movement of the urban element.
MUSICAL THEATRE: Routine that consists of dramatic interpretation.
BALLROOM: Routine that consists of core elements of ballroom repertoire showcasing Traditional or Latin techniques.
OPEN: Routine that consists of any dance style or a combination of dance styles not listed above.

Any studio bringing more than 20 full-paying group routines will receive ONE free group competition entry equal or lesser value to the studio’s smallest group routine. In addition, every studio’s smallest Ballet group routine will be free!


In the event that a dancer does not complete a routine, that routine will only be allowed to re-compete on a case by case basis.


All competing dancers and their Teachers must be registered for the entire workshop in order to compete. Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. All competition fees are per person, per entry.

National Solo$1153 min. max
Duo/Trio$653 min. max
Small Group (4-9)$553 min. max
Large Group (10-16)$554 min. max
Line (17-24)$555 min. max
Production (25+)$556 min. max
Extended Time (Groups Only)Additional $10 per dancer per min.


If a group routine was awarded “Faculty Favorite” in the Sparks, Mini, Junior, Teen, or Senior age divisions at any Adrenaline or Revive regional city on the 2017-2018 tour, the competition entry fee for that routine is waived for the National Dance Honors competition. All “Faculty Favorite” finalists receive $150 off their entry at the National Dance Honors competition.


For the National Competition, scoring is done on an adjudicated point scale by 5 judges, each scoring a total of 100 points. Both the highest and lowest scores will be dropped.

Scoring is as follows:

Technique: 40 points

Execution: 35 points

Showmanship: 15 points

Choreography & Musicality: 10 points

Adjudication is as follows:

Ultimate Platinum: 291-300

Platinum: 281-290

High Gold: 271-280

Gold: 261-270

High Silver: 251-260 Silver 240-250

NOTE:All ties will be broken first by Technique score, second by Execution score, and third by Judges’ poll. Any choreography that is not considered age appropriate by the panel of judges will have 1 point deducted by each judge and possible disqualification. 


Music can be submitted one of three ways:

  •  Music Upload (preferred): Music may be submitted on your online registration from start of registration until two days before the event.

  • USB Flash Drives: Music files must begin with Entry Number, Routine Name, and Studio Name, USB Flash Drives must be submitted at time of check-in.

  • CD: Only one song is allowed per CD and must be labeled with Entry Number, Routine Name, and Studio Name. CDs must be submitted at time of check-in.

NOTE: No digital music devices are permitted to play competition music. Please have a back-up of your music on a CD in case it is needed.


  • General props are permitted, but must be taken on and off the stage within two minutes. Extended prop set-up and tear-down time will result in 1 point deduction per judge for that routine.

  • Each studio is responsible for the setup and removal of their props. It is the responsibility of each studio to have a cleanup crew to remove any objects left on stage.

  • There are restrictions in certain cities regarding the size and weight of props. Please check with National Dance Honors before submitting large prop entries.

  • Damage caused by props or performance may be subject to fines.

  • Props declared dangerous by National Dance Honors based on height, weight and stability may not be permitted to perform.

  • The use of certain substances including baby powder, paint, liquids or similar substances are absolutely not allowed during any performance.

  • No live animals or pyrotechnics.


  • All competing dancers and their Teachers must be registered for the entire workshop at the city in which they are competing. Names, ages, and date of birth of ALL the dancers must appear on studio entry form or it will not be accepted.

  • All ages are as of January, 1st 2018. All dancers must be prepared to present proof of age if requested.

  • If paying by check, please make payable to National Dance Honors.

  • Payments received less than 30 days prior to the event are subject to FULL TUITION FEES.

  • National Dance Honors accepts domestic US bank checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders. A charge of $35 applies to all returned checks.

  • All mail-in competition entries must be postmarked 30 days prior to the convention. Entries are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. Timely postmark does not guarantee acceptance of entries.

  • The deadline for competition changes is one week (7 days) prior to the convention. No changes will be accepted after this date.


  • Names and ages of all dancers must appear on the entry form for each competition number. Incomplete registration forms will NOT be accepted. Every competition dancer must be prepared to present proof of age if requested.

  • Independent soloists are subject to availability by National Dance Honors. Solos and Duo/Trios do not need to prequalify regionally to compete at National Dance Honors. Subject to availability.

  • If a Teacher (any age) or Professional (20+) performs with a group, that group will be judged for adjudication only and is not eligible for the Overall Awards or Honored Performance.

  • All routines must perform in the scheduled competition order unless a National Dance Honors Stage Manager grants permission otherwise. Competing dancers should be ready 90 minutes prior to their scheduled competition time. If the competition runs ahead of schedule, each dancer will be expected to perform early.

  • The performance stage size will be approximately 40’x60’ (stage dimensions may or may not include wing space). Exact stage dimensions will be available one week prior to the event.

  • At no time can any person or anything be thrown or tossed off the stage.

  • Violations to any rules will result in the routine being eligible for adjudication ONLY.

  • National Dance Honors reserves the right to adjust any/all rules and regulations without notice.


National Dance Honors reserves the right to disqualify any routine(s) that are in violation of our competition rules and regulations including, but not limited to video/photo rules, inappropriate costumes and/or content, unauthorized props, and time limit.


7334 Whitehall Street | Richland HIlls, TX 76118

(866) 695-4144